Hands Up for The Holidays!

Hopefully we will see some sunshine over the next two weeks, as the school is now closed for the October Holidays.  Don’t forget the clocks go back an hour on Sunday 28th October and the next day we’re back to school!


Hands Up for The Holidays!


The Magnificent Seven!

A last minute rush of votes this morning saw Mr Smith and Mrs Stirling join the group of staff volunteers to face the Ice Bucket Challenge, bringing us to a total of seven.  As the skies darkened around Bridgend, it looked like the staff might not be the only ones getting wet but fortunately it stayed dry (well for must of us!).

A great time was had by all and the magnificent total of £350 was raised for school funds.  Thank you to everyone who very kindly contributed and also a huge thank you to my colleagues who boldly rose to the challenge.


The Famous Five!

A sudden rush of votes this morning saw Mrs Cooper, then Mrs Vass and finally Mrs Christie reach the magical (?) 100 votes.  As things stand we have five members of staff facing the Ice Bucket Challenge tomorrow!

Mr Smith only requires another 19 votes to get there.  That should be easy!  But can we get Mrs Stirling over the finishing line?  She requires 79 votes!

Can we make it a Magnificent 7? 


I’ve Got Company!

I’m delighted to announce that enough votes were cast today to ensure that Mr Oparka crossed the finishing line (reaching 100 votes) and will now face the Ice Bucket Challenge on Thursday.  Thank you to everyone who very kindly donated money!

However, we still have two days to go and I’m hopeful that we will see more of the Bridgend staff reaching the magic 100 mark!  Remember all the money raised goes straight to the school fund.

So how many votes are needed (at 50p a vote)?

Mrs Cooper only requires 15 votes!  Surely, she will be gone by 9.00am tomorrow!

Mrs Vass and Mrs Christie are running each other close, with Mrs Vass only needing 24 votes to Mrs Christie’s 28.

A slightly longer shot is Mr Smith at 45 votes and looking relatively safe at the moment is Mrs Stirling, who requires 86 votes.

But of course YOU can change all of this.  Let’s see if we can get all 7 staff under that bucket on Thursday!